SS - Stainless Steel Brushed     VIEW ALL

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The collection of these stainless steel modern and multi-size handles are smart and suitable for both cabinet and furniture. They can unite indoor rooms with a consistent style.

★ART Design - Pewter Sculpted     VIEW ALL

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Great Selection of Pewter decor Pulls & Knobs! The best realistic shapes and themes: forest, sea, animals, Wildlife, gardens, orchards, angels, kids, hand knitting, etc. They create a fairy tale feel for your house. You can make your own collection to build your dream room. And you can have it life time!

Glitter Crystal     VIEW ALL

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Silver star-shining glitter powders are frozen under crystal clear resin, and inlaid into chrome bright slim frame on the top of the handles and knobs. Creates an amazing sparking and fascinating looking.
Very modern designed handles and knobs, suits modern kitchen cabinets, bedroom furniture and bathroom furniture.